Foraged: Week No. 1

Foraged: Week No. 1

A weekly compilation of my most loved products, resources, reads + holistic wellness tools.

Holistic nourishment and self care have been on my mind quite a bit lately. In our fifth month of winter weather here in Ontario, it finally feels as if we are rounding a corner into spring. The below zero temperature days dragged on for what felt like forever this season and I found myself clinging to my self care rituals and holistic and intuitive wellness, much more than usual. These rituals help to ground and centre me, bringing me back into my body and myself and help guide me through my days.

I hope you will find value and nourishment in them as well.

My biggest form of self care lies in establishing boundaries, something that is still a practice in mindfulness for me. Being aware of what feels best for my body, what activities are authentically me and how I feel most nourished, is my ultimate self care ritual.

Holistic Skin Rituals and wellness tools:

A luxurious face mask. Currently loving Linné Botanicals - Purify Face Wash and Mask. I have been using Linné Botanicals skin care products exclusively since October and have experienced tremendous healing in my skin. I have shared a bit about healing my skin, in my stories highlights on my Instagram labelled - glow - I am currently working on sharing an update here as it has been a few months since those stories were penned.

Eye Mask to hydrate, de puff and brighten under eyes. Currently loving 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask

Facial Lymphatic Drainage. Currently loving Jade Facial Rolling. I have been practicing facial rolling for eleven months now and I adore the healing and lymphatic drainage that results from using it. I currently jade roll about twice per week, however, I am wanting to integrate it more frequently as I really feel a difference in the health of my skin and my body as a whole when using it. You can find a wonderful tutorial from Province Apothecary, here.

A lush facial oil to be smoothed over skin before jade facial rolling. Currently loving Linné Botanicals Repair Face Oil to moisturize, heal, protect and balance my skin.

Holistic wellness rituals:

Flower Remedies - matched to current state of mind or mood. I find myself most drawn to the healing benefits of flower remedies when I am processing a large shift, working through times of growth and easing the struggle that can accompany growth and change. Currently loving Alexis Smart Flower Remedies - based on Dr. Edward Bach’s formulations, Alexis creates the most magical flower essence blends which work both subtly and powerfully on our energetic bodies to assist healing, growth, movement and bring our bodies back into a state of vibrancy. Clementine Fields have a wonderful selection of Alexis’ remedies available for Canadian friends.

Monthly sessions with an Osteopath.

Defined as “A natural medicine which aims to restore function in the body by treating the causes of pain and imbalance.” - Canadian College of Osteopathy. Osteopathy can be further explained as “Osteopathy embraces the philosophy that the body has an innate, natural ability to self-regulate and to heal itself. The key factor that permits this regulation and healing to proceed unimpeded is the ability of the body to freely circulate all of its fluids and liquids. These fluids include the blood, lymph, synovial fluid, digestive juices, cerebrospinal fluid, axoplasm, and all the other intracellular and extracellular fluids of the body.” - Canadian College of Osteopathy

An hour treatment helps me to release stress, calm my body and initiates a deep healing. One can experience pain from both the physical body and emotional body. I find as I process emotional pain, there are times I will feel that pain physically in parts of my body; releasing that pain through Osteopathic treatment, for me, is a gentle way of processing, shifting and healing myself.

A moving meditation in the form of hand washing dishes while being fully present with all that is happening around me. Listening to the sound of the water, the feel of the soap suds on my skin, the movement of the wash cloth and scrubbing of the brush. Currently loving The Unscented Company dish soap and especially love that it’s available in both 4L and 10L sized refill boxes. I have found this formulation to not dry my skin out as most dishwashing soaps tend to do over the winter months, which for all those living in harsher climates is certainly welcome. This linen and cotton dish cloth from June Home Supply along with their scrub brush and this deliciously soft yet sturdy linen towel to dry the dishes with, also from June Home Supply. June is one of my favourite Canadian companies to support. They always have a large yet beautifully curated selection of home goods with an emphasis on functionality. Our family still enjoy using pieces that we’ve had since 2015 and hope they will grace our home for years to come.

Currently reading:

The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees. I’m in the process of editing my closet for spring and have found this book to be a great resource to have on hand. This book helps you to define your individual style and curate a wardrobe of pieces that speak to your authenticity and individuality by determining what you love and building your closet around those timeless pieces.