Holistic Self Care

Holistic Self Care

For me, self care is an integral part of my lifestyle. A lifeline at times when my anxiety peaks and I need a way to regroup and ground. It is also a tool that helps to bring balance and direction to my life.

I can always judge how my self care rituals need to shift and adapt based on how I am feeling in my everyday and how I am showing up in the world, showing up for myself, and especially how I am showing up for my family.

As I err towards a holistic lifestyle, the majority of my most loved forms of self care are holistic in nature:

〰️ waking slowly

〰️ a great book and deliciously hot tea

〰️ listening to the birds chirping their morning song

〰️ breathwork - simple four count inhale, hold for four counts, exhale to the count of four

〰️ a luxurious face mask

〰️ a hot bath with magnesium flakes

〰️ self reiki

〰️ a good deep clean of our home

〰️ meditation

〰️ a long walk

〰️ yoga flow

〰️ moments of silence

〰️ stolen moments alone

〰️ slow intentional meals 

Self care can be as simple as deep, cleansing breaths - it needn’t be overly complicated, thought out or financially restrictive.

Do you have rituals surrounding self care? Can you recognize when you need more self care in your everyday? Does it usually show up the same way for you? I would love to hear about your self care rituals and connect with you.

With love,