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Holistic Nourishment

Heather StewartComment
Holistic Nourishment

Nourishing mind, body and soul holistically are of high importance in my life.

I found myself on a path to treating my body more lovingly and holistically, when diagnosed with cancer twelve years ago. As I underwent chemotherapy and radiation, I knew that my body was taking its fair share of a battering and that I needed to make choices that would assist in eradicating the cancerous cells and rebuilding what good was also eradicated in the process. I began by eliminating all refined sugar from my lifestyle, ditching our microwave and ceasing to barbecue, breaking up with caffeine (which I couldn’t consume due to a few of my medications) and adding in what holistic supplements I could to help my body through the process.

I was content with nourishing my body through the ‘right’ foods (I say this in quotes as really, in my mind, there are no right or wrong foods, good or bad foods, just food that your individual body may prefer over others - emphasis on individual) for quite a few years and didn’t really begin to look at household or beauty product ingredients until around twenty twelve, when we really dug deep to best support our very sensitive two year old.

As I began to research products and ingredients, my mind spun with information overload and overwhelm - if you’ve been down that road, you’ll know the feeling I speak of. Above feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and concerned, I felt exhilarated - learning lights such a fire under my bottom and excites me in a way I can’t quite describe - learning how to best support and heal my body in our day to day, what products felt in alignment with our values and beliefs was just icing on that excited cake.

As a family, we have stumbled on many different modalities over the years and ways to approach life; none more important or better than another, simply different and all simply part of the journey.

These days, the term Holistic Nourishment doesn’t just encompass what foods we consume, what products I use on my body, or what we use to cleanse our home but also includes soul nourishment.

I have practiced intuitive eating for a few years, asking myself “do I want this? Does this food feel good for my body? Does this food support me?” And now, I’m asking those same questions about my day to day life - “Does this activity nourish my soul? Does saying ‘yes’ fill me with joy or sorrow? Do I want to go here, do I want to stay there?”

A practice of leaning in to what feels good, what feels nourishing - for mind, body and soul - and going forward intuitively, into a new space, a new world, a new life.

What does holistic nourishment mean to you? Do you practice nourishing your mind, body and soul through choices that feel in line with your authenticity? I’d love to hear more about you, feel free to share in the comments or connect with me on Instagram @foragedcompany where we could keep this conversation going.